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Dorian McCall

"The first thing that struck me was his eye, then his musical background. He is particularly adept at finding locations to serve the client's purpose(s). Even better, he actually responds to text, calls, and Facebook messages, which puts him leagues ahead of most of the competition here in Chicagoland. Now, as a Southerner... I already have a skewed sense of value (lower cost of living) and as a Millennial, it's really skewed (in this economy!?). Jeremy is 100% percent at the intersection of my quality and my budget. I can't wait for my website to launch and others to marvel at his handiwork with the camera!"

Wesley Fuentes

"Jeremy is an incredible photographer! He is very professional and worth the price! I hired Jeremy to do headshots and cosplay photos, and I couldn't be happier with the final product! Thank you, Jeremy!"


Zak Shapiro

"Jeremy did an excellent job - would happily work with him again!"

Kristin Lelm

"This guy works hard to make sure his model is comfortable and happy with the outcome of their photos. His attention to detail and creativity result in lovely photos!"

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